If You Don’t Believe in Yourself, How Can Anybody Else?

Posted On March 31, 2017
Categories Panther Prestige

“In the summer of 2016, I was a student assistant for University Career Services (UCS). I had been interviewing for several full-time positions, and despite satisfying their requirements, I did not have much luck. It was a bitter feeling to get rejection emails especially after the final interview rounds.

Therefore, following the advice of Ms. Ward, I scheduled an appointment with Mr. Henderson for a mock interview. The following practice interview rounds served as an eye-opener. I learned to polish my elevator pitch and to succinctly answer the interview questions using the STAR technique. Mr. Henderson is a dedicated counselor and would work out of his way to schedule appointments with me before my interview with Ernst & Young.

Shortly thereafter, I accepted a full-time offer with EY . I am thankful to the wonderful faculty at UCS that cooperated with me when I requested days off for interviews, motivated me to follow my dreams and, above all, taught me to believe in myself.”

–  Madiha Charania

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