Planning & Exploration Guide

Planning and Exploration Guide

University Career Services is a resource center with programs and services which will supplement (and enhance) your academic pursuits and help you create your “own best future.”

Whether you are an entering student or about to graduate, you will find programs to help you:

  • make good career decisions
  • become an effective job searcher and career manager
  • connect to employment and other career opportunities

Research shows that students who use their college/university career center are better prepared for the job search process, obtain higher salaries and are more satisfied with their jobs than those who do not.

During your freshman and sophomore years, you will explore majors and career options through academic studies, employment, and campus activities:
  • Develop good study habits and time management skills
  • Participate in student activities to develop skills employers look for like teamwork and leadership
  • Write down your goals and review them regularly
  • Select classes that will be interesting and challenging
  • Learn about career options for academic majors
  • Participate in career testing and assessment services through the GSU Counseling Center
  • Develop your résumé, and have it critiqued
  • Meet and network with the UCS staff
  • Network with peers
  • Take GSU 1010 class
  • Attend “Career Conversations” sessions to explore career options
  • Use on-campus/part-time jobs as learning and career exploration opportunities
  • Use by Panther Career Net to find on-campus and part-time jobs
  • Participate in community volunteer activities. These will look great on your résumé, and are excellent ways to make corporate contacts.

Explore career options while browsing Georgia State University Majors.

During your junior year, you will choose elective coursework, gain work experience, conduct informational interviews, and develop your résumé.

  • Participate in career fairs
  • Develop relationships with faculty and professionals in your field
  • Continue to explore career options
  • Investigate graduate schools/professional programs
  • Update your résumé
  • Get your résumé critiqued
  • Review on-campus recruiting calendar on our News and Announcements page
  • Participate in internship(s)
  • Take advantage of Interview Stream. - the virtual interview practice system
  • Sign up for mock interviews
  • Attend Career Conversation sessions

During your senior year, you will develop a strategy for achieving your desired career goals for employment or graduate study, and continue to develop skills in presenting yourself to employers and other contacts.

  • Familiarize yourself with campus recruiting policies and procedures (UCS website)
  • Update your résumé and have it critiqued
  • Prepare for and begin conducting a job search
  • View on-campus recruiting job listings on Panther Career Net and other job listings on MonsterTrak
  • Attend workshops on interviewing, and résumé writing,
  • Attend career fairs
  • Learn negotiating skills and what to consider before accepting a job offer
  • Utilize all resources in University Career Services
  • Contact current and former professors and employers who might serve as references
  • Network with professionals and alumni in your field(s) of interest
  • Apply for positions 3-9 months in advance of graduation
  • Sign up for on-campus recruiting opportunities

As a graduate student, many of the resources and services are the same as those for seniors. Review that section and the following additional resources:

  • Graduates with MBA's and specialized business masters degrees, should register with Graduate Career Management.
  • Students looking for jobs in academia should refer to the Chronicle of Higher Education and the University System of Georgia Clearinghouse

Recent Alumni
Georgia State University alumni are eligible for UCS services until the first year anniversary of their graduation. See the section for seniors. All alumni are eligible for services through Alumni Career Services.

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