Career Counseling

Career Counseling

University Career Services provides at no cost career counseling to all currently enrolled students and alumni within one year of their graduation date. Alumni who request services a year after their graduation date may have a service fee (please go to the Alumni Career Services webpage for more information.) Career counseling may include helping you clarify your knowledge about your values, interests, personality, or skills. Career counseling can help identify options and information about your career path. Career counseling can also help develop your decision-making skills and styles and identify any barriers to your career decision-making process.

If you need assistance with any career related topic, University Career Services provides assistance to get you started. Come to the Career Resource Center for help from one of our career professionals. For other needs, such as résumé writing, interview skills, internships/gaining experience, or the job search, visit us in the Career Resource Center (260 University Center). This session will help you become aware of the services, programs and resources most helpful for your needs.

Visit University Career Services in 260 University Center to meet with a career counselor about your career and job search options! Or, call 404-413-1820 to schedule an appointment.

Whether you’ve made a definite choice of major, are in the middle of changing your major, or are engaged in a major career change, we have career counselors on hand to assist you with your career planning need.

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