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Life is a journey and planning your career is a major part of it. In the course of time that you spend as a Georgia State University student, we encourage you to use our services each year. Below you will find a plan associated with each classification to serve as your road map to reach your career goals. Find your year below to learn more about steps you should take to better prepare you for your future career.

In your freshman year, you begin to create your own path as a Georgia State University Panther! Getting settled into a new way of life that is full of new friends, experiences and academic challenges can be exciting. Some students know exactly what they want to do after graduation and others still need time to further explore talents and interests. In either situation, it is never too early to connect with the Career Center.
During your sophomore year, you should begin thinking about how your education and interests fit into life after college. Whether you are considering applying to graduate school or hoping to enter the workforce, now is the time to start gaining the relevant experience through internships, co-ops and other experiential learning opportunities that are relevant to your future career path.
Junior year is the time to develop an action plan that meets your graduation day goals. This is the year to research your options and perfect your resume as well as apply for more internships, build your network and develop your personal brand. Use your junior year to jump start the career planning process.
Senior year is the time to start putting your life after college plan into action. By targeting specific opportunities and preparing for the application process early, you will have an easier time transitioning into your career.