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Legal and Ethical Standards of Hiring
The Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring can be found at Naceweb.

Tips for Providing References
Please visit Naceweb for guidelines to summarize important points for career services, tips and ideas for staff, faculty employers and other references.

Sample Reference Letter for Faculty
A sample reference letter for faculty can be found at Naceweb
Post On-Campus Student Jobs

    1. Access Panther Career Net (PCN) directly.

On the login page, click the Register tab.
Download the Employer Training Packet.
Complete the registration form and click submit.
Be sure to provide information for all of the required fields marked with a red asterisk. Example: Organization Georgia State University - Alumni Association

  1. You will see message confirming your registration is complete. You won't see this message if you failed to provide information for a required field. As soon as we approve your registration, you'll receive an email confirmation which will contain your login information. We will be approving accounts continuously throughout each business day.

That's it! Your email should be arriving shortly.

    1. In your email confirmation you'll find your username (which is your email address) and a system-appointed password.
    2. Click on the link provided in the email for easy access to the PCN login page. Log in using the username and password provided.
    3. You are now looking at your PCN home page. Notice the Announcements on the left of the screen, the Quick Links in the center, and the Alerts below the links. Please see the Overview section of these instructions for more information on these services.
    4. Download instructions on how to post jobs and internships.

      1. Click on the Account menu then click on the Change Password tab.
      2. Enter the password the system assigned you in the space for the old password.
      3. Put your new password in the space for the new password.
        Please choose a password that will be easy for you to remember.
        Please read the important note about passwords below.
      4. Click on the Change button on the bottom right of the screen.

*An important note about your password: All passwords are encrypted and therefore not viewable in the system. Please choose a password you will remember and/or write it down somewhere because you won't be able to view it from your account. Our office also will not be able to tell you what your password is. If you forget your password, you'll need to click "I Forgot" on the PCN login page to have your password reset and emailed to you.

Home Page Highlights:

      1. Announcements: Regularly check here for important announcements from Career Services.
      2. Quick Links: You'll find direct links to the pages you'll probably be using the most.
      3. Alerts: These are time-sensitive reminders critical to your successful use of the system.
      4. Feedback: Your feedback is encouraged so we'll know how we can better serve you.

Your Menu Choices:

      1. Account: Update your department information, change your password, and view your account activity summary.
      2. Profile: You will only need to complete this information once. Please provide as much information about your department as possible.
      3. Jobs: This is for posting your work study or student assistant position.
      4. Placements: Please let us know when you hire a student.

System Note: It is recommended that you do not use your browser's Back button when navigating in this system when the Return link found at the far right, top side of your screen is available. There are times the Back button won't work at all.