Co-op and Internships

Co-op & Internships

What is a Co-op?
Co-op is short for cooperative education. This type of learning experience allows students to work full-time in a field directly related to their major. During this special six-month period, students will focus solely on their field experience while keeping their status as a student. This special opportunity is available to Georgia State University students with specific majors including computer information systems, computer science, political science and geoscience. However, the program is slated for growth in upcoming semesters. For a more detailed review of co-ops, please visit Georgia State University Cooperative Education.

What is an Internship?
Internships are also a great way for students to gain relevant experience in their field. Internships are often part-time, singular opportunities that can be paid or unpaid. Students typically continue to take academic courses while participating in an internship.

Learning About Co-ops & Internships
University Career Services offers current students with valuable information on how to search for and obtain a co-op or internship experience. If you considering gaining experience with a co-op or internship, please see our calendar for upcoming workshops. You can also call 404-413-1827 or visit us in 133 Dahlberg Hall to schedule an appointment with a co-op & internship coordinator.