Panther Career Net

Panther Career Net

University Career Services manages the online student job board, Panther Career Net. The site recently underwent a structural change and now has an enhanced interface to better serve the user. Panther Career Net has the same name but an entirely different look and feel. With a continued dedication to connecting Georgia State University students and alumni with quality employers and opportunities on and off campus, University Career Services and Panther Career Net are here for you. Please take some time to look around the new site, complete your profile and search for jobs today.

Current students and recent alumni who have graduated in the past three semesters should use the following instructions to access Panther Career Net.

  1. Go to the Panther Career Net student login page.
  2. Enter your campus ID and password
  3. If this is your first time entering Panther Career Net, you will need to complete your profile.
  4. Start using Panther Career Net to search for internship and job opportunities, search for and register to attend career events and to schedule on campus interviews with recruiters.

Please be advised that you will need to have your resume approved by a University Career Services staff member prior to applying for positions. You can have your resume reviewed without an appointment during Resumania Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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What is Panther Career Net? Panther Career Net is Georgia State University’s online student job board and source for finding and posting on-campus student opportunties and off-campus positions for students and alumni. Over 15,000 Georgia State University students are registered!

Why should you use Panther Career Net? Panther Career Net is designed to help University Career Services and employers communicate with students about managing their careers. The student job board keeps students informed about career programs, on-campus recruiting and employment opportunities. Students can easily get started by logging in to Panther Career Net with a campus ID and password. For more on how to access the system, please call 404-413-1820.

Panther Career Net the University Career Services online job board that allows career services office staff members and employers communicate with students and alumni on career management related topics. PCN is used to inform job seekers about career programs, on-campus recruiting and employment opportunities!
University Career Services strives to post quality employment opportunities in Panther Career Net. However, students are responsible for making all necessary inquiries into the businesses to which they apply. It is also the responsibility of the job seeker to make informed decisions regarding applications and accepting employment offers. If you have concerns about a job posting or other issues related to the employment process, please contact University Career Services.
To get started with Panther Career Net, log into the Panther Career Net login page. Enter your campus ID and password (or GoSOLAR login) in the username box. Next, enter you campus ID password in the password box. After entering your login information with your campus ID and password, you will then gain access into the system. Once you have gained access, please be sure to complete your profile and check out our Panther Career Net Quick Start Sheet.

If you do not know your campus ID and password, follow these steps to change your CampusID and Password. If you should have problems accessing Panther Career Net, please contact Brenda Respress, or 404-413-1829 for assistance.

Note: You can toggle back and forth between both systems by clicking on the “Jump To” button located on the homepage under Quicklinks.

Your username and password will ALWAYS be your official Georgia State University campus ID and password (or GoSOLAR login). If you do not know your campus ID and password, follow these steps to change your CampusID and Password. If you should have problems accessing Panther Career Net, please contact Brenda Respress, or 404-413-1829 for assistance.
Once you are in the PCN system: Under Manage Documents:

View existing and upload new documents (résumés, cover letters, unofficial transcripts) by clicking on the documents link [I.] on the top navigation bar.

NOTE: You must first bring your résumé to 260 University Center to have it reviewed by a professional University Career Services staff member.

Click on add new [II.] to upload new document.

The system will convert the document to .pdf format. The process should typically take 5-10 minutes.

The Make Default button designates a main résumé that will be the first option when submitting a résumé to employers, and with permission, will appear in employer résumé books.

  • View information about on-campus interviews by clicking on MY INTERVIEWS from the top navigation bar [I.]
  • View a list of interviews that have been signed up for by clicking on the Scheduled Interviews tab.
  • View interview details by clicking on the link in the Interview Date column [III.]
  • Change the date and time of the interview by clicking the Reschedule button. (The Reschedule button will not cancel the existing interview until a new time-slot is selected.)
  • Unschedule an interview by clicking the Cancel Interview button.
  • View a list of the positions applied for by clicking on the Interview Requests tab.
  • If the Status column reads “Invited!” – sign up for the interview by clicking on the Schedule Interview button, select an available timeslot, and then click the Submit button.
  • If the Status column reads “Alternate!” – the Schedule Interview button will appear once the Alternate Signup period starts.
  • If the Status column reads “Not Invited” – the select period has begun and interview status is still pending or the employer has declined the interview request.
  • If the Status column reads “Pending” – the select period has not yet begun.
  • Remove a job application by clicking the Withdraw Application button.

Once you are in the system, you must complete your profile including Personal Information, Academic Information, and Privacy sections. You will notice that some of your information is already in the system. The PCN system has obtained this information from your GoSOLAR account. If anything is incorrect, please contact the Registrar’s office as this is the information they have on file for you.
GSU e-mail is the official communication vehicle for all students. It is the student’s responsibility to frequently access the e-mail account for vital university information. You can forward your GSU e-mail messages to your personal account following these easy steps:

  • Go to IT Services for Students
  • Type in your user name and password.
  • Click Login.
  • Click Options>Mailbox Management.
  • Under Forward all new messages, select Yes.
  • If you want to keep copies of your messages in your student mailbox, select Yes for the Keep Copy option.
  • In the Forward to field, provide one or more email addresses where you want to forward your messages. List one email address per line.
  • Click Save to save your changes.

Georgia State University student email accounts, like other campus computing accounts, are deactivated after a student has not been enrolled in a course at Georgia State for two years.Please contact the UCS reception line at 404-403-1820 and ask about Tier 2 Alumni services.

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