What UCS Does For You!

What UCS Does For You

Our Four Basics:

  1. We help students and alumni explore academic majors, find internships and jobs, launch careers, explore graduate and professional school options, and pursue their professional goals.
  2. We help employment recruiters from big corporations to small agencies discover, recruit, and hire Georgia State University students and alumni. We are like an extension of a recruiting organization’s HR wing, seeking collegiate talent. We help with both internship hiring and entry-level career position hiring.
  3. We manage Panther Career Net , Georgia State University’s online job board for students, alumni, and employers. There is no student or employer fee to use Panther Career Net.
  4. We help professional and graduate school recruiters connect with students and alumni seeking advanced educational opportunities locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

We help students and alumni connect with their future opportunities assisting employers in acquiring new talent for their organizations and aiding graduate and professional schools in recruiting applicants.

We offer many other services and events for students, alumni, employers, and grad school recruiters, including referrals across the campus. To check out our student, alumni, and recruiter services, click on the links to the left.

To contact us, please call 404-413-1820 or visit us at 260 University Center, 66 Courtland Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

On behalf of the University Career Services team, we wish you great success here at Georgia State University and that includes your career success!

Best wishes,
Kevin Gaw, PhD
Senior Director of University Career Services

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