Career Development Team

Matt Henderson Career Counselor | E-mail

Matt Henderson
Contacting Matt: Contact Matt for career counseling, assessments as well as class and group presentations.
Fun Fact: Matt loves running long distances and he learned his alphabet by watching “Wheel of Fortune.”

Lisa Littlefield Career Counseling Training Coordinator| E-mail

Contacting Lisa: Lisa meets with students for career counseling appointments, assessments and job searching. She also coordinates the career counseling intern program at UCS.
Fun Fact: Lisa used to work for Zoo Atlanta as a Public Relations Specialist- but her favorite creature is the eager, job-seeking college student!

Ashley Watts Career Counselor | E-mail

Contacting Ashley: Ashley meets with students for career counseling and assessments. She also gives class presentations on various career topics.
Fun Fact: Ashley’s undergraduate degree is in Fashion Merchandising and she considers herself a recovering Pinterest addict.

Cooperative Education & Internships Team

Michelle Berg Co-op & Internships Coordinator | E-mail

Contacting Michelle: Michelle meets with students to help them search and prepare for co-op and internship opportunities.
Makesha Hillery Co-op & Internships Coordinator | E-mail

Contacting Makesha: Makesha provides students with assistance in searching and preparing for co-op and internship opportunities.
Fun Fact: Makesha is not afraid to spark a conversation with any stranger on any topic.

Abbey McDaniel Administrative Coordinator, Co-op & Internships| E-mail

Contacting Abbey: Abbey Coordinates appointments, events and workshops in the Cooperative Education and Internships Program and Graduate & Professional School Planning area in UCS.
Fun Fact: Abbey loves to travel. She’s been to 9 countries so far.

Caroline Anderson Assistant Director, Co-op & Internship Program | E-mail

Contacting Caroline: Caroline leads the Cooperative Education and Internship Program team. She connects employers and students for recruitment and professional development.
Fun Fact: Caroline grew up in Atlanta and taught in universities in Spain and Mexico for almost seven years.

Employer Relations Team

Angie Fisher-Beckett Administrative Coordinator, Employer Relations | E-mail

Contacting Angie: Angie coordinates events, workshops, career fairs and appointments for the Employer Relations area of UCS.
Fun Fact: Angie loves music. She has played the viola, violin and clarinet.

Robert Maxson Job Location and Development Coordinator | E-mail

Contacting Robert: Robert connects students and employers with the goal of matching talented GSU students with viable part-time job opportunities.

Vacant Alumni Career Services Coordinator

Administrative Team

Dr. Kevin Gaw Senior Director | E-mail

Dr. Kevin Gaw
Contacting Kevin: Kevin oversees the University Career Services family which includes UCS, the Office of Leadership Development, the Office of Civic Engagement and the Georgia Career Information Center.Fun Fact: Kevin likes to cook. His guacamole recipe made it into a community cookbook.

Angela Walker Associate Director | E-mail

Angela Walker
Contacting Angela: As the Associate Director of UCS, Angela oversees the Graduate and Professional School Planning program and the Co-op & Internships Program.

Ramona Simien Associate Director | E-mail

Ramona Simien
Contacting Ramona:Ramona manages the on-campus recruitment program for employers recruiting GSU talent. Contact her to schedule on-campus interviews, information sessions and several career events.
Fun Fact: Ramona is an honorary member of the Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity. She enjoys volunteering, history, music, crafts and sports.

Conquaya James Assistant Director, Career Development| E-mail

Contacting Conquaya: As leader of the Career Development team, Conquaya sees students for counseling appointments and assessments as well as coordinates class presentation requests.
Fun Fact: Conquaya is a former gymnast, track star and collegiate cheerleader (CAU Panthers and ‘Nole Girl competition squad).

Belinda Lindsey Administrative Coordinator| E-mail

Contacting Belinda: Belinda is the friendly first face you see when you visit UCS. She assists students with appointment scheduling and answers questions regarding the operations of UCS.
Fun Fact: Belinda is active in the community. Annually, she participates in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Gospel Choir.

Vacant Technology & Communications Coordinator| E-mail

Position is currently vacant.

Nokwe Asi-Ward Business Services Manager | E-mail

Contacting Nokwe: Nokwe handles purchase orders, manages student assistants and coordinates business and financial operations for UCS.
Fun Fact: Nokwe spends most of her weekends as a “football mom.”

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