Welcome Parents
University Career Services knows that you are concerned about your student’s future. Several of the staff have or have had children in college, and we understand many of your concerns. Most likely, you are somewhere between worried about the “return on investment” and resigned that your student is almost an adult and has to make his/her own decisions.

We don’t have any magic answers, but we hope that the following will provide some useful information in supporting and assisting your student in making career decisions and planning for the future:

Your Role in the Process
Listen and learn what things are important to your child
Be patient, college is for exploring and changing one’s mind
Encourage exploration of several career fields
Suggest activities recommended for each class level
Understand the relationship between majors and careers
Encourage the use of campus programs such as University Career Services

Steps in Career Planning
Assess interests, abilities, skills, and values
Research careers in depth
Develop contacts in prospective career fields who can provide information
Gain exposure/experience (Volunteer, part/time jobs, co-op, internships, extra curricular activities)
Develop both marketable and transferable skills
Learn job seeking and presentation skills

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