Recruiting at Georgia State University
Georgia State University is 30,000 strong with regard to our students. Consequently, recruiting at Georgia State University can feel overwhelming as there are multiple options. University Career Services is a great place to start – and we’ll help you out. Our office provides service to all students. For example, for fiscal year 2011:

  • 15,594 direct face-to-face service contacts were made with students and alumni.
  • 3,550 additional service contacts were made.
  • Students represented all colleges and all levels of academic status.
Panther Career Net – A Fast, Free and Friendly Resource: Policies
Panther Career Net (PCN) has over 20,000 student users with completed profiles.

Important: Please review our Employer Posting Policies and our Career Fair Guidelines. Panther Career Net (PCN) is our online 24/7 job and internship board and is recognized by the Georgia State University Office of Financial Aid. Because of this, all work-study positions, part-time, and full-time positions (on and off campus) for concurrently enrolled students are posted on PCN. PCN is actively used by students and employers; it is free and easy. Through PCN, employers can also affiliate with RBC, the job board managed by Robinson College of Business for business students. Affiliation maximizes your recruitment potential!

For Employer Recruiters:
University Career Services is set up to help you find your talent. We host career and internship fairs, coordinate on-campus recruiting events (information sessions, OCR, etc), and manage Panther Career Net (online job board). We also make referrals to our campus career partners, based on your recruiting needs. Therefore, you may be working with us and at the same time, working with another career office on campus. We want to be of greatest service to you and to our students. In addition to University Career Services assisting you with your recruiting needs, you may be seeking talent from specific Georgia State University areas:

For Graduate and Professional School Recruiters:
University Career Services will work with you to support your efforts in recruiting Georgia State University candidates. The Graduate and Professional School Planning Program hosts an annual recruiting fair each fall semester and ongoing information sessions for recruiters, any time of the year.

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