Marketing Your Organization

Marketing Your Organization

Successful interviewing is a skill that requires confidence. Confidence is acquired through knowledge and practice. UCS sponsors practice interviewing sessions with professional recruiters from around the nation. Students registered with UCS through Panther Career Net can sign up for a mock interview with an employer.

Upon completion of the interview, the interviewer will provide the student with specific feedback on interviewing skills and the effectiveness of the student's résumé. UCS always needs recruiters to participate in this program.

If you are interested, please contact Employer Relations at 404-413-1830.

Employer Information Sessions may be geared toward one of two goals:
The "Come and Meet Us" meeting and the "Pre-Interview Information Session"
The Employer in Residence program is the chance for one or more representatives from your organization to be a part of the University Career Services team. During your stay, you can volunteer your time and expertise through the following services and programs. This program is designed to help your organization gain visibility and share knowledge with our campus community. Employers can commit to volunteering at least four hours per semester or multiple days throughout the semester.

If you are considering additional ways to market your organization, this may be the right program for you.

Volunteer services available:

  • Students can schedule 15- to 30-minute appointments to meet with you to review their résumé, learn industry-specific interview skills, practice mock interviewing, develop their personal network and more.
  • Conduct job skills workshops for up to 35 students.
  • Set up walk-in hours to discuss your organization, your career path and opportunities.

Please complete the form below to sign up.

The Employer in Residence program is the chance for one or more representatives from your organization to be a part of the University Career Services Team.

Recruiters, do you want to be more engaged with the students? Join the University Career Services staff for our Résumania program! Provide 15-minute reviews to students on perfecting their résumé. We provide the handouts for formatting, and we welcome your input for content. Résumania hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. The highest student traffic time is 12:30-3 p.m. Choose a time that best fits your schedule!

Contact Employer Relations at 404-413-1837 to get started.

Meet and greet with a diverse, highly talented student population to fill your part-time hiring needs with our on-campus recruitment program for part-time jobs! A limited amount of tabling space in the Library Plaza, situated strategically near the center of campus, is available for reservation with the Job Location Development program staff. By recruiting on campus, you will not only create connections with our students, but also our faculty, administration and staff, as well as increase your company’s brand at Georgia State University.

The Employer Relations Job Location Development Coordinator encourages companies desiring to conduct on-campus recruitment visits to contact us weeks in advance in order to discuss optimal scheduling of space, appropriateness of the venue and to maximize University Career Services marketing efforts in support of an employer visit.