New to Georgia State University?
With budget cuts and reduced workforce many employers are not able to leave their offices to come recruit Georgia State University students. Georgia State University Career Services would like to introduce you to PantherCam, our virtual connection between students and employers.

What is PantherCam?
A webcam connection for employers to connect with students:

  • One on One: Screen job applicants and conduct an interview.
  • Group: Conduct an information session or mini job fair.

How Does it Work?
Recruiters can privately speak with students through our innovative technology through the use of Skype.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Cost Effective: Don’t spend time away from the office.
  • Convenient: Conduct interviews, job fairs or information sessions while never leaving your office.

Technology Requirements:

To set up a PantherCam session, please call 404-413-1830.