Career Drop-Ins

Walk-In Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Career Resource Center
Student Center West, Room 270


Career Drop-Ins is an opportunity for students to meet one-on-one with a University Career Services (UCS) staff member for a 15-minute sessions covering resume reviews, job search tips, cover letters and more! Choose any time during walk-in hours and bring a hard copy of your résumé or be prepared to access a digital version for print. If you do not have a résumé, we will provide you with assistance to help you get started. Our office also advises on cover letters and curriculum vitae. Come see us soon!

Once your résumé is completed and you would like it uploaded and posted on Panther Career Net (PCN), simply follow through with the critique advice. Contact the staff that assisted you to have it approved and posted on Panther Career Net. Proceed to use PCN to search jobs and apply directly to posted positions.

Instructions for Alumni:
Alumni that are within one year of their graduation still have full access to University Career Services. For Alumni who are past the one-year period, we recommend that you register in our Alumni Career Services program for access.

Robinson College of Business Students:
WhileRobinson College of Business (RCB) students can have their résumés reviewed by UCS, know that RCB has their own Career Advancement Center and a preferred format for résumés.

Contact an RCB Staff Member
If you should have questions regarding the RCB process, please call 404-413-7157.

Virtual Interview Practice System, or "VIPS" is a virtual interviewing system that’s linked with Panther Career Net. VIPS records your answers to real interview questions that employers typically ask. VIPS allows students an opportunity to practice their interviewing skills on the go. The main purpose is to give the student valuable experience and practice in developing interview skills. The self-produced mock interview is stored and accessible online; therefore job seekers and students can solicit feedback and constructive criticism from career services faculty, alumni, friends, family and employers about their performance. Practice, practice and more practice is the key to successful interviewing. You can go directly to VIPS today!
Practice Your Interview Skills
Successful interviewing is a skill that requires confidence. Confidence is acquired through knowledge and practice. UCS sponsors practice interviewing sessions with staff and occasionally professional recruiters. Students registered with UCS through Panther Career Net can start their practicing via Virtual Interview Practice Stream, or "VIPS." Complete VIPS first, then schedule a feedback session with a staff member. After you have received feedback and are ready for an in-person mock interview, your counselor will schedule a face-to-face mock interview.

If you are interested, please contact Employer Relations at 404-413-1830.