Career Fairs & Showcases

Career Fairs & Showcases

Career Fairs and Showcases are opportunities for students to learn more about future employment and begin a networking system for internships, full-time positions, and summer employment opportunities. These events are effective methods for employers to connect with new talent and acquaint students with a variety of opportunities. To stay informed on upcoming career events, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and visit our News & Announcements page.

Students, What to do…

  1. Get plenty of rest the night before so you appear refreshed during your contacts with employers.
  2. Know why you will be attending the fair and prepare 2-3 relevant questions to ask the employers you’ll be meeting.
  3. Identify your work values-Take a Self Assessment Test to help you look for things you’ll need in a job for it to be satisfying to you.
  4. Find out who will be attending the fair by contacting University Career Services
  5. Decide, from those attending, who you are most interested in visiting.Make a list.
  6. Conduct some research on those employers by reviewing their websites.
  7. Prepare your résumé. If you need help in completing a résumé attend a résumé workshop and have it critiqued by a staff member at University Career Services. You will want to bring several final copies of your resume with you to the fair as well as a pen and notepad for taking notes.
  8. Decide what you will wear to the fair. Remember to dress professionally.
  9. Know the location of the fair and how to get there.
  10. Prepare a 30 second “commercial” about a) why you are there; b) what made you interested in that company or organization; and c) what skills you would be bringing with you to that company or organization, which would set you apart from other candidates. Example: “My name is Jane Smith and I am graduating from GSU in May with my BSN. I am interested in pediatric nursing and noticed that you have openings available in this area. I’ve read that Eggleston provides a pleasant working environment for its employees and felt that your hospital would be the kind of organization for whom I would enjoy working. I have excellent skills in _______, _________, and _____ and feel confident I would make a quality candidate for Eggleston. How may I further pursue employment with Eggleston?”

  1. Obtain an employer listing and map at the fair to locate the employers you have previously planned to visit. Use this map to plan your visits in a way that allows sufficient time to meet with all of your chosen organizations.
  2. Approach each employer confidently , shake each one’s hand and be prepared with your questions and/or 30-second commercial. Be sure to give the employer your résumé.
  3. Before leaving each employer ask for the best method for following up with them.
  4. Take notes and be sure to get the business card of the person to whom you are speaking.
  5. After visiting the employers on your list, scan through the list again. Are there any other employers with whom it would be beneficial to visit? Be open to learning and exploring other employers that may surprise you with the quality of employment they may have to offer.

  1. Using the business cards you collected at the fair, send thank you notes to the employers you met. Be sure to thank everyone who assisted you with information, introductions or career advice. This simple step will demonstrate to the representative that you are sincerely interested in their company.
  2. Follow up on openings in the manner the employers suggested when you met.
  3. Continue to research the companies of interest to you and maintain communication with your contacts. The more information you have and the more contacts you maintain, the better off you will be.

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