VIPS (Powered by Interview Stream)

VIPS (Powered by Interview Stream)

VIPS – Virtual Interviewing Practicing System – is an innovative tool that allows you to practice your interview skills from anywhere online as long as you have access to a webcam. The complete VIPS system creates a realistic interview experience where you are asked challenging questions and you then have an opportunity to see and hear your response to each question. You can use VIPS whenever you want, as often as you want to prepare for any employment opportunity. You even get to select the questions (from over hundreds of questions)!

  1. Practicing for interviews dramatically improves your chances for getting the job or internship
  2. You can use VIPS from your own home or residence hall
  3. You’ll be asked typical interview questions – all sumbitted by employers and career centers
  4. Seeing yourself will allow you to see exactly what the interviewer observes
  5. Using VIPS will help to increase your interviewing confidence level – it matters!

Yes!  Many GSU students have used VIPS and they tell us the practice has really helped them prepare for real interviews. They feel more confident, less nervous, and significantly more prepared. VIPS definitely helps you build your interview skills.

  • If you have a webcam at home: Login toPanther Career Net and create your free VIPS account.
  • If you do not own a webcam: Students may visit University Career Services in 260 University Center to access VIPS.  Or you may visit the University Library or the Digital Aquarium to check out a webcam.

After completing your VIPS practice interview, you can then make an appointment with a Career Counselor at University Career Services to review and receive feedback on your interview.  Feedback from a UCS Career Counselor will make you a better prepared candidate for your real job interview.  Just call 404-413-1820 to schedule a VIPS Feedback appointment.

For questions or technical assistance, please call 404-413-1820 for live assistance between 8:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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