Teacher Candidate Information

Teacher Candidate Information

These guidelines are for individuals who are applying for pre K-12 teaching positions and positions in higher education. Remember that the employment process varies significantly among school systems and it is different outside of education. If you are uncertain as to the strategies, please contact UCS at 404-413-1820.

As you complete your studies in education and begin to seek a position in teaching or administration, you will need to compile a credentials file to support your job search efforts. You will want to maintain this file and update it whenever you plan to change jobs or have a change in supervision.

Credentials are used by many school systems and some other types of educational employers in the pre-selection process. This is the step in the hiring process in which they determine which candidates they will interview and seriously consider for jobs.

Many systems today have their own reference checking system. They will provide you with forms and procedures for obtaining references or will contact directly individuals you have supplied as references. You should follow carefully any instructions a system provides. Even if you are planning on graduate school or some other activity before beginning a job search, it is a good idea to go ahead and obtain references from instructors and employers. You may have difficulty obtaining a reference later .

Historically, universities kept files of education graduates and mailed them to prospective systems at the candidate’s request. Prior to the 1974 Family Rights and Privacy Act candidates did not have access to the recommendations contained in these files. That act ensured your right to access information about yourself unless that right was waived.

Since that time the trend has been for universities to discontinue maintaining these files, although some still do.

A few school systems may still request that you “have your placement file sent.” If this is the case we will be glad to send or give you a letter explaining Georgia State University’s policy.

Most systems now view it as your responsibility to collect the information and to present it effectively. The attached guidelines will assist you in completing that task.

Another reason for making this change is so that University Career Services can use our resources to assist you with other aspects of the search. Please call on us and take advantage of the many programs, services, and resources that we have available.

University Career Services will make available a list of school systems including addresses for you to copy onto labels, peel off and mail to school systems that you are interested in working for. Please put ‘Attention Personnel Department’ on the envelope before mailing.

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