University Career Services offers vast array of workshops to suit the needs of students. Please view our event calendar for information about upcoming workshops. To request a classroom or campus presentation, please visit Presentation & Workshop Requests and complete the online form.

Major & Career Decision Making:
This workshop introduces students to available career assessments and how to use our career counseling services. Valuable information is shared to help guide students with undeclared majors or those who might be uncertain about their career plans. Topics will include gaining knowledge about one’s self, finding information about career options and how to successfully make informed decisions.

Going Guerrilla – Job Search Tactics off the Beaten Path:
Attend this workshop to stay abreast of the latest trends in job searching. Students will learn how to effectively network with employers, develop or grow a personal brand, create a polished résumé, construct a stand out cover letter, and innovative ways to seek and find meaningful employment.

Going Up:
This dynamic presentation focuses on networking and preparing a polished elevator speech. Listeners learn tips on how to strike up a conversation in any setting, the importance of action verbs and skills in the art of self-promotion.

How to Work a Career Fair:
Career Fairs are opportunities for students to learn more about future employment and begin a networking system for internships, full-time positions and summer employment opportunities. These events are effective methods for employers to connect with new talent and acquaint students with a variety of opportunities. This workshop offers techniques on presenting your qualifications, gives insight on the right questions to ask employers and reviews what to wear and how to conduct yourself at a career fair.

Résumés, Cover Letters & Correspondence:
Your résumé is one of the primary ways job seekers market their skills to potential employers. In this workshop, speakers outline the purpose, style, various categories and how to highlight business skills on a résumé. Tips on writing cover letters and other business correspondence are also covered.

Informational Interviewing for Success:
An informational interview is an opportunity to speak to professionals who work in your desired field and gain insight from their experiences. This type of experience allows one to gain a wealth of knowledge about any given industry or field. This workshop provides information on finding the right person to interview, setting up an interview, preparing, conducting the interview and following up afterwards.