It’s All About Making Connections

Posted On March 31, 2017
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“It was my last year of college. I was finally a senior, but never before had I felt so much stress in my college career. While all my friends were talking about their job interviews here and there, I was lost and apprehensive of my own future, as I would soon graduate with a degree in finance, but without even an internship. At this point, I did not care if it was even paid or not. I was applying but seemed to have no luck. I had made up my mind. This whole internship/job-finding process must have all been pure luck, which I seemed to have none of whatsoever.

One day, while having coffee with my best friend Madiha, an international student from Pakistan, who had secured herself in a position with Ernst & Young, advised me to visit University Career Services and put me in touch with Mr. Matt Henderson, one of the career counselors. She told me that I merely wasn’t using my resources to the fullest and needed some professional help. So, of course, I made an appointment right away and met Mr. Henderson the next week.

Everyone at the office was very warm and so very willing to help. After visiting Mr. Henderson three or four times over the span of a month or two, I can say that I definitely improved on my interview skills, my resume, and my approach to searching for internships. There were so many things that I wasn’t even aware of. After practicing interviewing with Mr. Henderson a couple of times, I realized that I really wasn’t all that great and my “bad luck” was not an explanation for my outcomes. Mr. Henderson also helped me revise my resume and let me add in things like course projects and relevant courses, which apparently are things that recruiters are looking out for. Finally, he recommended that I apply to more positions. After all, it was a competitive field, and applying to more jobs would surely increase my chances. After doing the above and also attending more networking events, I finally saw the brighter side of things.

Before I knew it, I too was finally getting results with my applications, and am happy to say that ahead of me now is an internship position in the summer with SunTrust in Internal Audit. I am very thankful and would recommend University Career Services to all students of any major. Just go out there and meet with the career counselors. They truly know what they’re doing and surely will make a difference in your search process, too!”

– Rana Agan, B.B.A. Finance & Computer Information Systems

Learn more about Handshake and all of the resources available to students by visiting University Career Services, located in Student Center West, Room 270.

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