Preparing for Grad School

Preparing for Graduate and Professional School

Thinking about graduate or professional school? Start early. The application process for graduate school can be lengthy, and if you’re doing it right, doing the proper research for programs will add several months on top of that. Some experts recommended students start their research at least six months before applying to grad school.

Preparation Timeline

Year One: Concentrate on exploring your options and doing well in classes.

Year Two: Make sure you are committed to your major. Look at the types of jobs that you would like to do. Do you need more education to do them? Then maybe you’ll need to go to grad school.

Year Three: You should have a good idea about whether or not grad school is right for you. Research schools and programs and start preparing to take the admissions test you need. You should be taking the admissions test at least five months before you apply (earlier if you think you might need to take it again).

Year Four: Have your choice schools narrowed down. Work on your applications and ask for writing and editing help. You’ll need recommendations from select people, and those people will need plenty of advance notice to provide them. Don’t forget to apply well before the deadline.

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