Ashley Welch

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Posted On July 10, 2015
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“My name is Ashley Welch, and I’m 24 years old. I attended Georgia State University part-time for about three years. I’m a recent graduate with a BA in Biological Science. When I began at Georgia State University, I became involved in the job club under University Career Services. Shortly thereafter, I began working part-time at the campus post office for the remainder of my enrollment.

Nearing my senior year, I started utilizing University Career Services for graduation preparation and career advisement. I met with Mrs. Watts, who is absolutely amazing. We completed career aptitude tests and explored options related to my interests. She also revised my résumé. I also utilized Panther Career Net, in which I applied for two jobs post graduation and very quickly was contacted to interview for both.

I met with Mrs. Watts and Dr. Gaw for interview preparation, which gave me the confidence to enter my first professional interview. My first interview went okay. I was more-so trying to remember everything the counselors were saying in which I overwhelmed myself, and I didn’t receive that position. I reviewed the questions that were asked, went over my notes from the counselors and perfected my answers. I nailed the second interview! I was hired on the spot. I began working full-time with a job that’s relevant to my major!

I’m so thankful for the resources Georgia State University provides, and I recommend University Career Services and Panther Career Net to fellow students all the time.”

– Ashley Welch

Learn more about Panther Career Net and all of the resources available to students by visiting University Career Services, located in Student Center West, Room 270.

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